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Italsite is a Tower Company which owns 150 towers all over the italian territory and offers lease contracts for telecommunication equipment and antennas for network operators in the PMR, Mobile, FWA and Broadcast industries.

Italsite is part of Inditel Group, which gathers companies that have been operating in the radiocommunications industry for over 60 years.

Site Infrastructures

Our infrastructures are equipped with towers, masts, shelters, power equipment with backup generators, and on-site IP connectivity; they are distributed on the most strategic sites both for high density areas coverage and for network backboning with heavy antennas/dishes, and they have been hosting network equipment of some of the most important operators in the telecommunication industry.

Site Acquisition

With a deep knowledge of the market and through the networking with other local-based tower companies, Italsite owns a database of over 800 towers to best suit the site acquisition research needs of its clients; for each candidate site, Italsite can identify the best space allocation for antennas and equipment through a specific know how on the site RF coverage and infrastructure structural availability.

Site Sharing

The Site Sharing Model enables several operators to share the same site infrastructures to host their equipment and antennas, providing cost savings (usage of existing infrastructures rather than new ones) and environmental attention (by exploiting existing spaces on existing towers rather than new constructions). Italsite's mission is to fill all the available spaces on its own towers and the towers of its partners, by offering the housing on those towers to different operators from different industries.

Site Engineering

The Operations team of Italsite, with the involvement of structural engineers, can evaluate the structural calculations of each tower considering the new spaces and weights requested by each customer. When the structural analysis has negative results, the Operations team can design and project the structural enhancement of the infrastructures or the construction of new infrastructures to have the best solution for the installation needs.


Site Leasing

The leasing/housing services are offered via highly customizable lease contracts that can be adapted to the specific needs of each client. Together with the antennas and equipment hosting, Italsite can offer power supply with generators backup, access control services and the IP connectivity to support data streaming as well as monitoring needs for the clients' equipment.

Site Maintenance

Italsite, in partnership with other companies of Inditel Group and with several local partners, is in charge of the periodic maintenance of all its towers to guarantee a constant level of quality and care over time for its infrastructures. They are regularly maintained to keep high standards in terms of safety, security and structural stability, and renewed every time the need of additional spaces emerges.


Site Management

In partnership with the other Inditel Group companies, Italsite can also offer additional services to its clients such as RF planning, EMF measurements, architectural and structural projecting, permits and authorization for news installations, structural calculations and site reinforcement, installation & commissioning of new equipment, equipment monitoring and maintenance, warehouse and spare parts management.

Site Finder

Italsite owns towers in some of the most strategic sites for PTP links in Italy. The infrastructures are equally distributed all over the Italian regions, allowing network backbones to be engineered as well as using them for areas coverage in different technologies. Infrastructures such as towers and masts/poles, completed by shelters and power supply systems (with backup generators) can be shared among different operators to host their antennas and equipment.

For each tower, you can request access credentials (send a request email to mail@italsite.it) to access a specific site details page which contains all technical information about the infastructures (site pictures, projects and 360° view photos) by clicking on each icon in the map, as well as directly requesting housing though the contact module.

Italsite is a Tower Company which manages towers and telecommunication infrastructures all over the Italian territory, offering leasing/housing services to network operators in the PMR, Mobile, FWA and Broadcast industries. Italsite is part of Inditel Group, which has been operating in radiocommunications for over 60 years. Find out more about Italsite.

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